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Sprout Planet

A peaceful game about waking up a planet

This game has been made during the gamejam Crée Le Jeu 2019. It was my first gamejam where there was a meat-space meeting at the beginning of the jam. This meeting was great: we pitched the games that we wanted to develop during the jam and anyone could help us to improve our concept. It was during this meeting that I met the graphics person with whom I made this game. We also met our soon to be sound partner who made all the sound effects and the music for the game.

It was the first time that I used Godot in a complete project. I have been practicing with Godot for some time but it was on small prototypes and tutorials. It was a pleasure to code on Godot (the editor is really good) and it’s so cool that you can export for the web on HTML5, as the majority of the people are very lazy and/or paranoid and don’t want to run executable code from a stranger of the Internet.

The game is about this planet that you can click on it to wake it up.

While we went a bit off-topic from the subject of the Gamejam, we had a lot of fun when we made it and we are proud of it, which is the most important things!

You can play this game on The source code is available on Github

Ingame screenshot of Sprout Planet