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Sid Le Meilleur's Battleground

When Civilization meets PUBG

This game has been made for the Make something horrible 2018 gamejam.

The subject of the gamejam was to make, as the name subject, a horrible game. The theme of this year was: “What if the creators switched their games?”. For my game, I choosed Sid Meier (Civilization’s gamedesigner) with PUBG (a battleroyale game).

Funfact, it has been my first real game project that I actually finished: even though it has a very unusual graphic style and a very simple gameplay, I look back to this game fondly because I actually finished it on time.

Check out the game here.

The game has been made with Gamemaker. You can find the source code here.

Ingame screenshot of Sid Le Meilleur's Battleground